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It is an amazing story to see Miss.Chea Sochy.  She just graduated on 22nd of July 2011 from Paul Dubrule and tourism school for restaurant Service management, and she got a job right before her graduation at Angkor Era Hotel (4 stars hotel)

She is the first student that graduated from the CAFFE project.


I was in tears of joy to hear this story. I was amazed it started at my hair salon in New York City. We were there at the right time and in the right place for her.

She had been living with her grandmother since she was a baby and never knew or saw who her parents were; now her grandmother turned 94 years of age.

I wondered why a Cambodian woman could live this long.  

She grew up with hardship, under the poverty line, but was still independent enough to stand up for herself.

This is a story that I always dreamt of and I am so glad it is here… thank you to all my CAFFE supporters that stood up behind me to make this happen.


my info

Chongthnorl village, Yeang commune,

Puok district,

about 35km to the west of Siem Reap City.


my goal

When I am able to earn money to live on my own and to care for others with my earned money, the town will change and the economy will grow. One by one, the country will change too .

CAFFE, you helped me to pay for my tuition, food, school uniforms and English lessons. As for the Bambooshoot Foundation, your guidance empowered me for leadership and rooms to stay.

I nerver will forget you both.

          thank you



Her grandma's name is Mong Sopha, and now she is 94 years old.

Without you Marshall, I would not be able to stand here today. Thank you.

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