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Improve the lives of underprivileged children and prove that everything is possible.


Cambodian-American Foundation For Education

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CAFFE is  a not -for-profit  public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted under IRS code.

CAFFE sponsors 19 female students to attend university because Marshall Kim feels that:

“if we let these 19 girls go home after their graduation from high school, they will never reach their dreams.”

So using his own earnings, he started his foundation CAFFE to sponsor entirely of our young women group turned it to the Young Women Education independence program with donated twenty-three bicycles, money for university tuitions , uniforms, English as second language skill and school supplies with books, as well as funding various activities and sent volunteer from the US to help ours program.      


Elisabeth Huh is one of the youngest CAFFE board members because she is a role- model for the younger generation at age 16 because she has the same passion and she wants to help underprivileged young girls across the globe of the same age. "Young Helping Young.”

In July 2011, she went to volunteer at our girls’ dormitory  in Siem Reap, Cambodia with her father. She taught English and stayed with them to learn about their living conditions , their cultures  and  how to improve their education.

Elisabeth said:

I had an amazing time, I was very sorry I had to leave  so soon. They were very eager to learn, the girls all seam extremely cheerful and dedicated to their studies.  but they are very poor, They badly need our help to improve their living conditions and English skills.

  “ Young Helping Young “

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                                                                         Mission Statement

The Cambodian-American Foundation for Education’s (“CAFFE”) primary goal is to educate teenage girls in Cambodia and provide the talent and skills to lift them out of poverty and obtain the economic independence enjoyed by many in America.  Child prostitution and panhandling are an all too prevalent way of earning a living in Cambodia. We want to ensure these girls have opportunities to choose from and empower them with leadership skills to lead other girls to a successful future.

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CAFFE, you changed my life. You made it possible for my 94 year old grandmother to have her life long dream fulfilled; to see me standing up with my own two feet.

 Without you Marshall, I would not be able to stand here today. Thank you.



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